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Working on IL Duomo is an outstanding way to learn and enhance practical skills of skin cancer surgery. It lends itself to both the novice surgeon and the experienced, to introduce skills or to hone them. It has many advantages over pigs' trotters. The manufacturers have come up with a winner!

Dr. Ian Myers

In comparison to pig skin, the IL Duomo model provides a far more realistic experience of every procedure. Once complete it is possible to see how the flap or repair is meant to look.

Dr. Mike Inskip

Working on IL Duomo is as close as you can get to working on a real patient.

Dr. Donald Vas

I was quite impressed with the realistic feel and accurate structure and anatomy of your models and see how they can be easily used to determine skill sets for surgical residents of any kind that perform procedures on the types of models you create. The complexity of the structures built-in provides an accurate feel for a true anatomical intervention. I find the use and feel of your products much better than the commonly used pigs feet or suture pads used at present. After using your models in a class I personally gave this past December to 120 practitioners, I cannot begin to tell you what a great experience it was. The ability to elevate the skin from the subcutaneous layer was extremely realistic in terms of the technique required and the tactile feel of the dissection. I commend you on the quality of your product and think it should be part of any residency program where surgical skills are required. It is truly a 21st century product for the medical field. Congratulations.

Dr. Julio Garcia

A wonderful aid to learning cutaneous surgery!

Dr. Andrew Enyvari